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Stuck with 2 accounts

So I received my new iPhone 7 unfortunately when ordering it I set up a new O2 account rather than just upgrading my existing account. So now I want to close one of the O2 accounts and move the old number to my new phone.
However after 4 phone calls and 2 webchats this has still yet to be done.
Going on holiday at end of week and am getting extremely stressed with situation as I am currently carrying around 2 phones. Why is this so difficult?
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Re: Stuck with 2 accounts

Why don't you go into an 02 shop, they would assist you with the transfer or swap over if it is possible. As long as it under 14 days you can still return the phone/SIM card.

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Re: Stuck with 2 accounts

I had this as o2 did not stock the phone I wanted when I was due an upgrade (LG G4).
You will have to ring CS (again, sorry) and explain that you want to port your number from your old phone to your new one (also known as a SIM swap).
This will mean that the old account will close.
Alternatively you could do it yourself online.
This link - http://www.o2.co.uk/help/phones-sims-and-devices/how-to-keep-your-mobile-number - has the info you will need.
While it might not seem it, the section you need is under moving from PAYG to pay monthly, then fill out the keep my number form (direct link - https://www.o2.co.uk/apps/help/help?qid=1&q1=2&route=port_migrate&case=Port/Migrate%20In%20Form).
One point to note - the old account has to have a zero (0) outstanding balance on the device plan - ie, you outright own the phone. Otherwise it will not work...
Keep us informed how you get on please!

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