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Apparently, O2 don't have a stock control system?!?!

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So, I know this is yet another iPhone 7/7 Plus upgrade delay thread but are O2 really telling the truth when they say they have no way to checking stock levels at local stores?!?

Surely any good retail firm know exactly what stock it has both centrally at their distribution centres buyvalso what's at their stores? Surely been told that O2 don't have such a system is complete rubbish? CS have just told me that I'd have to ring around local stores myself I check stock!!!

If O2 are "doing everything they can to fulfill the preorders, they should be checking. Stock in local stores and using that stock to fulfill the preorders?!?

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Re: Apparently, O2 don't have a stock control system?!?!

From experience a company owned store can check local company owned stores stock and a franchise owned store can check other same franchise owned stores stock.

It may have been last year or the year before the web site was able to check iPhone stock levels in any store. So it is possible, but possibly a reporting nightmare.

In terms of moving stock around a franchise owned store, stock is theirs. They will only move to their other stores. Company owned stores can move around between themselves but o2 plan the location of their stock based on past demand and the popularity and location of key selling locations.

Absolutely no help in your situation but that's an overview of it.
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Re: Apparently, O2 don't have a stock control system?!?!

I phoned 4 o2 stores around my area and they all had the iPhone I pre ordered but told me I had to wait for my order to arrive absolutely ridiculous! Pathetic service surely pre orders take priority thats the point of pre ordering