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I fancied a change

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For years and years I’ve always used Samsung devices and have loved them but I don’t know, I’m just feeling a little bored now. I have  decided for the very first time to upgrade to an iPhone. I went for the iPhone 13 Pro as when I looked in the shop, the 13 Pro Max looked really big and clunky but maybe it was just how it was displayed as this Pro seems tiny compared to a Samsung Galaxy S21+. Anyway, I’m here for advice and tips. As I’m brand new to this and I’m not really sure what features even exist on this that’s really different to what I’m used to. If anyone wants to throw some suggestions my way, feel free to do so. I have found the Find Friends feature already, this is something I’ve not used before.


There are a couple of things I would like to know… Can I turn Visual Voicemail off and revert to calling 901? I’d rather do this than store recordings on my device. 

Also, I would like to know if I can disable the Photos app and install a better Gallery app? I hate the layout of Photos. 
As I will be looking at watch deals, is there a massive difference between an Apple Watch SE and a Series 7? 

Thank you.



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Just wanted to say Hi @SamsungFanBoy 😉

No help from me I'm afraid as I'm Samsung through and through. Currently doing well with my Note 10.

Still there are plenty of people with iPhones on this forum so I hope you get the help you need. Good Luck xx


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Hey @SamsungFanBoy 


I have left Samsung behind near enough (apart from a fold) and now have a Sony Xperia Pro-I and an iPhone SE (as my work phone) and it can be quite a shock at first, 


The only feature that I like is the private relay and random email address for signups that link to icloud, but both need an icloud subscription

There are no features really, and in my view Android is a step above IOS... 


This might help with the comparison with watches

Current Phone: Sony XPeria Pro-I and Motorola Razr 5G
I also have a Planet Computers Gemini

I work in IT as an Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Tools Administrator (Office 365, Slack and much much more) and manage hardware both Mobile and Desktop / laptop, my desk is a bit like PC World

We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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