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4 months ago I noticed I wasn’t receiving any voicemails. I checked my call forwarding and to my shock my ‘unanswered calls’ were being forwarded to another mobile number unknown to me! I removed the call forwarding and dialled the mobile number a few times but it just went into an 02 answerphone. So anyone calling me would have thought it was my mobile voicemail and just left a message. So for 2 months I have lost all voicemail messages.
So this evening I heard that someone else had left a voicemail last week and was wondering why I had not got back to them. Again I checked my phone and again call forwarding for ‘unanswered calls’ had been set up to go to another mobile number!! I am the only person who has access to my phone. When calling O2 they said that they cannot help and won’t give me any idea of who the number belongs to (I have a screenshot of the number). How is this happening? It’s freaking me out that someone could be listening to all my voicemail messages? And this is the second time my phone has been diverted to this mobile number without my knowledge? Anyone able to help?
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Re: Help


I don't think the diverts can be set remotely except by customer service, so this sounds a bit fishy to me.

I'll tag @Martin-O2 who may be able to get this looked at by O2 for you.

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Re: Help

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Re: Help

@Opal3 If O2 won't give you any help, they will allow you one free number change. A drastic measure, and a pain to let all your contacts know, but that may be your only solution.


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Re: Help

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Re: Help

No it’s not
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Re: Help

Hi there @Opal3 , just came across your topic here and I'd like to get someone on our end to have a look and see what we could do. I'll need some additional details to be able to pass this on so I'll drop you a private message here on the community shortly!

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