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Clearing and resetting iPhone

Hi , I have recently upgraded to a new phone and would like to clear my old iPhone of all data and reset. Unfortunately it does not seem able to connect to a WiFi network so going through the usual option in settings and resetting from there won’t work as you need to confirm your Apple ID and the phone cannot connect to the server. I have a Mac air but cannot seem to connect the phone as the ports are different so cannot reset through iTunes either. Does anyone know of another way?

Thank you
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Re: Clearing and resetting iPhone

Can you not just put your SIM card into the phone to clear it and then put it back into your new one?
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Re: Clearing and resetting iPhone


You could try logging into iCloud.com online and use the reset option from there. 

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Re: Clearing and resetting iPhone

I can't help you as I'm new to iPhone but, if the previous replies haven't helped you, I suggest you look on YouTube and search "Payette Forward" These two guys are ex Apple tech experts and they have dozens of How To videos, very easy to follow, that seem to cover every conceivable problem that can infect an iPhone.