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Call Isses Help/Advice needed please

Hi, for 2 weeks I've been unable to make or receive phone calls (iPhone 6s Plus) I lost signal for a day and according to O2 it was due to a mast issue in my area when signal and service came back the fault appeared I was no longer able to make or receive a phone call.
If someone calls the hear dead air no ringing and it eventually diverts to my voice mail and then I get a missed call notification. If I try to ring out it's just dead air.
I went out of area (26 miles) to visit Apple to get the handset checked because O2 kept telling me my handset was likely faulty and it would cost to repair so why not sell my handset back pay off refresh contract and upgrade!
I got to my destination and out of curiosity tried my phone, it worked perfectly! Even though my handset was working Apple still ran diagnostics and as expected no fault was found. On my journey home I got 12 miles from my home town and the handset lost signal and when it came back moments later the fault had returned. So I experimented and if I travel approximately 15 miles from my home town the phone works!!
I've put the sim in another phone and it works but when I put a new sim in my handset still nothing.
I can use data make calls via wificall etc but cannot make calls when not connected to WIFI. Nobody including Apple or O2 have been able to help. O2 say what I'm telling them contradicts itself so I went out again last night (with hubby I wasn't driving) and recorded myself calling the handset in my home town then traveled 15 miles recorded again showing it working and continued recording as I travelled home showing that the handset then went to no signal at 12 miles momentarily then signal came back I tried to use the phone again and it wouldn't work. I have an appointment today with a Guru in O2 and will show him the video to prove I'm telling the truth and Apple are forwarding the diagnostics report confirming no fault on the handset but my question is does anybody or has anybody come across this before? I just need my phone to work but for whatever reason it doesnt like my home town all of a sudden, literally overnight.

Thank you
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Re: Call Isses Help/Advice needed please

Hi @Anonymous It does sound as if you have a mast problem in your area. You can check your status here

https://status.o2.co.uk/  Other things to check are in this guide https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Pay-Monthly-Pay-and-Go/How-can-I-sort-out-my-network-issues/ba-p/1014088

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Re: Call Isses Help/Advice needed please

Hi, there have been intermittent issues but it's only affected this one handset ( I have two phones both on exactly the same O2 contract) and O2 advised me that the mast is down isn't the closest one to my house so it doesn't explain the issue apparently, say that there are six of them asked closer to me than the one that's not working.

I'm so confused....
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Re: Call Isses Help/Advice needed please

First thing I would try would be a new SIM card.
The shop will do this for you free of charge.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: Call Isses Help/Advice needed please

Hey @Anonymous Have you made any progress with this issue? 

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