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Black iPhone 5 scratched?

I've seen a few posts by owners saying their phones were scratched out of the box, well it seems they are not alone and there may be a problem:



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Re: Black iPhone 5 scratched?

Mines been finest far touch wood although I also haven't introduced my phone to sharp metal objects like some people whose pics are doing the rounds have.


I'll be interested to see what (if anything) apple say. The 3G(S) had occasional cosmetic defects causing cracks in the plastic near the ports which apple would replace. Be very interesting to see what (if anything) apple will do about this cosmetic issue

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Re: Black iPhone 5 scratched?

No scratches on mine either that I can see, tucked away safely in a case now too
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Re: Black iPhone 5 scratched?

I would hope that everyone would scrutinise a phone straight out of the box. For that kind of outlay the phone should be in absolutely pristine condition.

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Re: Black iPhone 5 scratched?

Mine has 3 small scratches, I've got a genius booked for Thursday, but may pop in on Monday and swap for a white!