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wifi calling on huawei p30 pro

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hello, does the huawei p30 pro support wifi calling or will it in the future

thanks dave

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Re: wifi calling on huawei p30 pro

@youngy  Please take a look at this link: https://www.o2.co.uk/help/network-coverage-and-international/wifi-and-4g-calling#help-and-support

Huawei phones are not supported at this time. I will tag @Chris_K who is the go to admin on this issue, who can maybe shed some more light on it (or not) for you.


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Re: wifi calling on huawei p30 pro

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The P30 doesn't currently support Wifi Calling, but it is something we're working on with Huawei. We'll share more as/when there's progress and we're closer to launch. I'm afraid there's no ETA or timescales we can share at present.

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Re: wifi calling on huawei p30 pro

I have just upgraded via refresh to a P30 pro and an amazed to find that a supposedly high end handset costing over £800 direct from O2 had not got WiFi and 4g calling active. My partner has upgraded to the same handset on Vodafone and has the WiFi and 4g calling active. When looking at the mobile settings screen there is no option to toggle WiFi calling off and on but the option appears on the Vodafone handset which is the exact same phone. The service worked on my previous phone which was a fair bit cheaper so can't understand why O2 don't make these services available on high end phones when they know they're about to launch and are an expected feature that the phone is capable of. The option also appears if an EE SIM is put in the phone, just not on the o2 SIM and I have got WiFi and 4g calling active in my O2 account so this is disappointing ☹️
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Re: wifi calling on huawei p30 pro

When it comes to supporting what could probably be classed as a standard feature these days in regards to mobile technology, O2 generally seem to lag behind most competition.

Most Huawei phones from the Mate 10 up to the P30 Pro all support WIFI and 4G Calling. It is down to the network to allow this. I DO NOT believe O2 are working on this with Huawei just as many other people probably do not believe it.

It is quite simple that O2 need to either provide Huawei with the IMS settings to use in the firmware or Huawei have these already and O2 simply just do not allow those devices to connect.

As for Vodafone, I actually work for them on the complaints team, and the phone your wife has received will not have the same 'Region' as the phone O2 have provided with you.

  • O2 would have provided the C432 region phone which from my understanding will support any carrier and download carrier-specific settings when factory reset with SIM inserted.
  • Vodafone provide the device with a region code of C702 which is UK specific and probably on customised specifically for them by Huawei.

If you go to 'Settings > Software Update' you can check this here, in brackets you will have (CXXX) where XXX is you will find the 3 digit code which is the region code of the device. This can be changed but is probably beyond the scope of this thread, and also probably wouldn't give the result you are looking for as I think O2 just block access to the IMS rather than not providing the settings.

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