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Hi my name is colin,and i am new to o2 community,i have recently had a problem with my samsung galaxy s3,and i took it into the o2 shop,i was told at the time that the fault appeared to be a hardware issue,and they sent it off to the repair centre,i received a text the next day,to say that the problem was not covered under the warranty(device still within 12 mth period)and that it needed a replacement lcd screen and usb port,though had no connectivity problem with device,i have looked online as to why screen does not appear to be covered,and all i can find is that screen would have had to be damaged accidently by dropping the device or it getting wet,neither of which has been the case with my phone,o2 have not given a clear explanation as to how the problem has occured,but have simply stated that it is not covered,and that a repair would cost £149,i have refused to have it repaired by o2,but have arranged for a repair with another company,which is £50 cheaper than o2,i am just wondering if any one else has had this problem,and where do i stand regarding this.

many thanks in anticipation.

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Yes, many have. Search the forum and you'll find out 😞
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it's always best to contact Samsung directly before o2 repair service.


As you will find out by searching previous threads, o2 repairs have a bad reputation around here..

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Hi Colin, welcome to the community.


Please read the following thread for information - it details an issue with the usb port but another member also commented about a similar issue and a repair that O2 were charging them for


Hope this helps

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