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FAQs: Android devices

Hi all, welcome to the Android devices board! Here you can ask questions related to Android devices and get answers from other members of our Community. You can also post a review of your current Android device. If you're new and want to know more ab...

Marjo by Former Staff
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SAMSUNG S5 Neo. sim card

trying to connect usuing supplied micro sim but my phone keeps showing no sim. where is it supposed to go and which way up diagrams not helpful at all and this has been going on for 8 hours now

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Ireland has moved

As some will be aware Eire has no government at the moment but I did not realize that it was so serious that Eire has been towed out of Europe! I was staying with some friends in the west of Ireland in the middle of no where, as they describe it, whe...

athgen1 by Level 3: Thinker
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Resolved! Unlock phone

Need a puk code for sony Xperia z5

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Galaxy S5 update released OTA...But what does it change?

So as per the subject, I've just recently installed an OTA update on my Galaxy S5. Has anyone else recieved this, too? I'm about to send my S5 back to Samsung for repair of many problems, and I wanted to double check if any of the issues were address...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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S pen no longer working - desperate help needed!

I have had a problem with my phone getting clunky feeling for a while now, and now my S pen suddenly stopped working, I use it to draw so I'm really desperate for it to work again!When I pull the pen out the phone, air command works. All the settings...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! No text sound on S6

No text sound when i receive a text I have tried allsorts even did a factory restore and still no sound. Did have sound it dissapeared yesterday afternoon Just been online chat with Argos and woman told me to get in touch with Samsung. Why should i p...

Poppysmum by Level 18: Posting pro
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Resolved! no text messages csan be received

i havent been able to receive text messages to my phone for the last few days. have had a sim swap as well as numerous tests done by o2 gurus but this has made no difference. work on a mast for 4 days affecting this!!! how are you meant to receive te...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Not receiving texts from EE users

Since I have had my sim swapped onto a newer contract, I've not been able to receive texts from people on EE. I can receive calls from them. I can receive texts from O2 users, possibly other networks, but definitely not EE. One of the EE users has ch...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can't receive text messages

Six days ago I noticed I couldn't send or receive texts or phone calls. Upon investigation it appears a mast was down and that it would be fixed within 48 hours.Two days later I can send texts and I can send and receive phone calls. I contacted o2 ag...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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