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Voicemail contacting emergency service

Can anyone help.


My dad has a Samsung 4 and whenever he dials 901 for his voicemail, he gets a text message from 999/112 saying this isnt the right way to contact them.


I dont have a samsung. Ive checked the voicemail seting and it is set to 901. So I'm not sure hwta I need to do to sort it out for him.


He doesn't want to be clogging up their services.


Thank you in advance 

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Re: Voicemail contacting emergency service

That’s a weird one I’ve never come across before.
If he actually dials 901 rather than the shortcut key, does it do the same ?
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Re: Voicemail contacting emergency service

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@Heidi To eliminate it as a possible cause, if you have an O2 store nearby, tell your dad to call in and ask them to swap his sim for a new one. The process is usually very quick and it's free. He will need to bring identification with him to prove he is the account holder.


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Re: Voicemail contacting emergency service

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Re: Voicemail contacting emergency service

Hi @Heidi, how is your dad getting on with this?

Thanks everyone for trying to troubleshoot this one. This was a known problem for a short period of time caused by the Android software. Google has now fixed it, so @Heidi and anyone else if you had this issue earlier, please make sure your phone is set to allow updates.


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