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Transferring data

Hi there, I'm Amanda. I'm wanting to upgrade from my Sony Xperia Z to the Sony Xperia Z5 but I'm worried as my current phone only has device storage and I don't want to loose my many pictures etc
Is it possible to transfer everything from old phone to new? Thanks in advance
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Re: Transferring data

Hi @Anonymous  Welcome to the forum Smiley Wink

We have a couple of Sony experts on here @viridis (who has the Z5) and @MI5  they will be along shortly to talk to you about transferring data onto your new device

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Re: Transferring data

Just download Sony PC Companion and back up your old phone. Once you set up your new phone just restore that backup to it.
Another way is to turn on NFC on your old phone and your new phone will ask if you want to transfer data from it, just make sure you have both phones with you to do it this way.
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Re: Transferring data

You can also use Xperia transfer app and an OTG cable and connect the two phones, Xperia transfer will Copy over all your items to the new phone.

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Re: Transferring data

You can also download the Google Photos app from the Play Store.



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Re: Transferring data

Hi @Anonymous welcome to the community! I hope you find helpful all the advice above!
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Re: Transferring data

+1 for google photos 


let it scan the phone and find all folders on the old device 


nip into settings and select backup only on wifi and i pick on charge only (runs overnight then) 


sign in to new device and all you photos will be waiting 


ive used google photos since it launched and migrated to multiple devices with no issues 


post back if your not sure or pm me