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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

@G33NEEU5 wrote:
Even the note8 on AT&T has gotten oreo before us. I give up. It is official,O2 IS the slowest network on the planet.

I know many of you guys feel a sense of disappointment but I don't think comments like these are fair against O2, so I want to clarify the Note 8 situation:


  1. You shouldn't compare US networks to UK ones. US devices often run on totally different chipsets/modems and even when they don't, US network technology and markets are very different to the UK's, so there will likely always be a difference in release dates.
  2. As far as I can see, AT&T is one of the only networks that already have the update so in that respect O2 being "the slowest on the planet" is unfounded - surely almost every other network in the world is in that same category, then?
  3. As far as we're aware from Samsung, our Note 8 update was approved the same day as other UK networks so in that respect we are not at all slowest

Regarding the S8 update, I understand the frustration and disappointment but compared with other UK networks we are only around a week or so behind and as mentioned previously, the reason for this was it was failing certain tests on the calling side of things. As calls are a vital communication tool for our customers, we did not want to release this and cause a negative experience for those who need their calls to work reliably. Based on this, I hope you understand why there has been a slight delay on our end.

It's also worth noting that historically, we are often on time or around the same release dates for updates as other UK networks - this S8 one isn't typical of O2 updates and again, there was a good reason for this.

I hope the above notes help paint a better picture and explain things a bit better.

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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

Having a Pixel XL and Nexus 6P, which obviously get the Android updates first, it feels like a lifetime of waiting for my Note 8 to get the update!

Fingers crossed they pull their fingers out and get it sorted toot-sweet!
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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

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Not to be churlish, as the long promised update is imminent, however I hope some lessons have been learnt here.


It's key for any customer comms to be timely, concise and accurate.


It's fair to say this whole experience has been like pulling teeth and O2 has managed to alienate a large number of it's customer with the way this release has been (mis)handled.


D-, can do better!

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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

I give them a U for useless. Haha.
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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

Precisely my point @bob0411 it's the lack of proper communication.
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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

Downloading now... :-)
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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

And it's finally here everyone Smiley Happy thank you to everyone who kept me sane by not being the only one who was frustrated with O2!
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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

Its not on sammobile yet. 


when did people see the update?

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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

It wasn't there last night and it was this morning :-)

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Re: Samsung S8 Oreo update

@gjdemon6646it will be rolling out in batches, so yours should happen anytime soon...

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