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Samsung S10 wifi connection issues

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Certain apps are not working over wifi on my Samsung S10, particularly those that involve streaming. BBC Sounds / iplayer will not work at all (and some other apps) - will spend ages thinking about opening and then give me one of a few different eror messages. Pictures and videos take AGES to load on twitter. Podcast app takes 10 minutes to find new podcasts, and several more to download them. You get the picture.

The issue is not WIFI speed. We have fibre to the door fast broadband, and no other devices in our household are experiencing similar problems. Just did a speed test and it came back as 46.0Mbps download speed / 9.79bps upload.

I have cleared cashes, deleted and reloaded apps, even done a complete factory reset on the phone, to no avail.

I hadn't realised it was a wifi only issue until a couple of days ago, as, what with lockdown I haven't been out and about much (and I am completely dependent on wifi here as no signal at home), but tried opening iplayer when out shopping the other day and it sprang to life instantly.

Any thoughts as to how I can solve this. This is by far the most expensive phone I have ever owned, and the experience is far ******tier than anything with any of the much cheaper phones I've had previously.

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O2 Support
O2 Support
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Hi @Hannah9 

You have done everything which we would recommend. Doing the factory reset should fix any settings issues, which means its not settings.

You might have a issue with the Wifi antenna in the phone in which case you would need to go back to the point of sale, online, in-store, over the phone or third party business and arrange a repair. If in warranty you can go through the manufacturer if you wanted to, or if within 28 days request an exchange. 

The other possibility is that it's not the phone it's the router, the only way you can test this is to connect to another Wifi connection and see if the apps work. If the apps work, you would need to contact the broadband provider to make sure you have no restrictions on the router.

Hope you get it resolved. slight_smile

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Hey @Hannah9 just checking if this has been sorted or if you are still having issues?

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