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Samsung Galaxy S20 temperature

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I've been spending this weekend getting used to my new S20, one thing which as made me a little concerned is how quickly it heats up.  This is most noteable when I use the camera, when my CPU monitor reads a temperature of around 42c. 

This happens after only taking one or two photos but noted  that it doesn't seem to get much higher than that if I am taking many pics - so it gets hot very fast and just stays around that temperature until I stop using the camera  (and, yes, I know the weather has been seriously hot this weekend, however I tried the camera in different locations and times of day, with pretty much the same result).  General browsing/scrolling/faffing on my phone will push the temperature up to low/mid 30's, so it seems to be primarily the camera which is the issue.

Reading up online, I've seen a few complaints about the S20 getting hot, but also seen posts saying that the battery useage needs to adapt and that one should give it a few days to settle. Never heard of that before, so wasn't sure if it was true.

Another thought, as all the apps and settings have been transferred from my old phone to this one using SmartSwitch, am I just transferring all the baggage, unneccessary apps etc and maybe I should try resetting my phone and reinstalling just the apps I need to see if that affects the temperature? 


I've also seen similar reports about other phones I was looking at (the OnePlus for example), so essentially I am trying to determine if this is normal with these powerful smart phones and I just need to get used to it, or if there is an issue and I should return it within my 14 day cooling off period.  If I return it, the other phones I had in mind aren't available under O2, so I'm not sure how much hassle that would be if I wanted to revert back to my previous contract within the cooling off period.

After any feedback or thoughts from others with this phone, or similar issue with other phones to help me decide if I should keep it, or if I am just going to end up with problems in the long run. I'm pretty happy with it otherwise.  Thanks!

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Yeah sorry to say but the S20 is rubbish. It's like the S6 edge all over again! Seriously poor battery life.
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Yeah unfortunately the exynos version we get here is a no go unless they can sort out some sort of software optimisation for it. The S10+ is only 100mAh more but the software is so well optimised, battery life is excellent.
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