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Samsung Galaxy Note 3, poor signal reception

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I have just bought a Sumsung Galaxy Note 3 and I am having problems receiving a 3g signal, before this I had a Blackberry Torch on Orange and their signal has been all over the place, from 5 bars on 3g to SOS.


The reason I bought the Note 3 on O2 was the number of good reviews for the Note 3 and I had bought an LG GT540 on PAYG some time ago and at home I can usually get 2 or 3 bars on 3g but on the Note 3 I can usually only get a 2g signal, if I lock the Note 3 on WCDMA I might scrape 1 bar but most of the time there is no signal strength.


Has anyone else had the same problem or if they know a work round other than changing the phone I would be glad to hear.

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Have you checked here for issues:


there's a link to the coverage checker on that page too.


Is it a new sim as that could be a problem?

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I've had a couple of Samsung phones and I find the signal strength indicators are pure fantasy. My ace 2 shows full strength frequently but has very poor call quality, my Note 3 frequently shows 1 bar but jumps up to 3+ whilst in a call and has amazing call clarity.

I guess what I'm saying is... As long as the calls sounds good and the speeds are good, try not to put too much faith in the signal strength indicator...
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I'd agree with that, my S3 shows a lower signal than my HTC but calls always connect even if I have no signal showing.
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Yes I bought one 8 days ago and have had no signal 95 % of the time. I had 4 different nokia's all on o2 and have had no problem but really like the note,  both my son's have S3's  so thought i would have simular but like the idea of writing and saving it. Have bought signal booster sim card but yet arrived will try that first and maybe take it back to carphone warehouse and see if geek squad can do anything.


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How is you note 3 now, I had same problem but only bought 8 days ago. bought signal booster sim but hasn't arrived yet .
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i got a Note 3 on Monday and have had no problems at all with regards to signal but i'm in the London area so maybe it's stronger where i am.

my signal is no different to when i had my S2

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Samsung Note 3 has a problem but will they admit it ?

I have just received a note 3 and most of the time have no service compared to my old note which never lost a signal.

I placed the two phones side by side and the readings were:

N9005 Note 3:  -105dbm   4asu

N9000 Note 1:   -99dbm    7asu

O2 have promised to replace the phone and I should find out in the next couple of days whether it works !!!

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Hopefully a replacement will be ok. We have a few note 3 users on here reporting no problems with network or signal.

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I am at my wits end my note 3 rarely has a signal & I need it to call for help if I fall, love the phone for texting via wi fi but otherwise rarely useful to call from. When out so far the route planner/ sat nav feature has worked well. My phone came from a company that appeared to be in Uk but was not paid an extra £80 customs so where do i take it if it needs repair HELP!

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