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Nokia 9

Does anyone know if O2 will offer/sell the Nokia 9 smartphone with 5 cameras?

I'm seriously considering this as my next phone... But need to know if O2 will sell it, or if I need to go to Carphone Warehouse like with my last upgrade.
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Re: Nokia 9

@Chris_K might know?

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Re: Nokia 9

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Hey guys,

Currently this isn't a device we're looking to range but if or when that changes, we'll let everyone know.

@Chrissouth85 I saw this device up close and personal while I was out at MWC and overall it feels like a solid device. Feels really nice in the hand, and performance seems really smooth. The camera features looked pretty in-depth too and the demonstrator showed me some photos that were taken by professionals, using only the camera and the settings available on it - no post-processing or filters in 3rd party apps... They looked incredible. The colour and depth on them were unbelievable, and even zoomed right in, the details were astonishing.

If you have a phone with dual/triple lens systems then you are going to miss the ability to switch modes on the fly, as all the Nokia 9 cameras are the same lens, so you won't get any telephoto options for example.

Long story short - the 9 under certain shooting conditions will provide a better image than anything else out there, though other phones with double/triple lens systems will have far better flexibility for a wider range of shooting styles.

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