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Re: Google Pixel 3 4G & WiFi Calling

@Phill8622 wrote:

Is there anymore news when Pixel 3 will be enabled for WiFi calling as I see since the post by Chris_K the HTC U11 and Doro 8035 looked to have been added. 


My partner now has the Pixel 3 after swapping from iPhone 6 and really benefited from WiFi calling as the signal in our flat is so poor she doesn't get a signal. We have requested a signal boosted from O2 but after having spent 45 minutes being passed to and from 4 departments nobody was prepared to help.


Any sort of time scale would be great appprciated and I look forward to hear from you

Hey Phil. Nothing new to share since the last update, but the good news is that we are on track with our plans to bring Wifi Calling to the Pixel 3 soon. We're not quite at the stage we're ready to share any ETA, but we do hope to have some great news to share in the coming weeks, subject to successful testing.

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Re: Google Pixel 3 4G & WiFi Calling



Another month has passed, did you get any update when WiFi Callling is going to be available on Pixel 3