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About buying a new phone from an external site

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Hi all,


I'm interested in the Sony Xperia Z5 (standard, not compact or premium, prefer white colour) and after speaking to staff in local retail outlets and looking on the site I found a comparitively cheaper option on the site I've pasted at the bottom of this post. I had a few questions surrounding this because of a few things if anyone would be able to help clear them up?


To be more specific about moving on from my old Sony Ericsson Xperia LT15i:

- I'd like to keep my number if I can help it. 

- Wondering if there's anything to keep in mind since my old contract was a 12 month one through Carphone Warehouse rather than through o2 directly. Namely anything to pay off though I don't think it should be the case from what I've read and heard.

- How to go about ending the old contract while having this one carry on in its place so that I'm not being double charged.


Any answers would be appreciated since I'm not hugely familiar with the process and the below site doesn't seem to be particularly informative so I guess I'm just double checking to make sure I'm doing this right. 



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Re: About buying a new phone from an external site

Firstly if you're with o2 then you can just put your old sim in your new phone if you're upgrading.

If you're still under contract with your phone though you'll need to either wait until you're due an upgrade or pay off what's left of your contract plus an early termination fee, which is quite hefty.
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Re: About buying a new phone from an external site

If you are past tour minimum term on old contract you just need to give 1 months notice to cancel.
Once you get new contract you can transfer your number to it.
All of this should be done through o2 CS by calling them on 202 from your o2 mobile.
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Re: About buying a new phone from an external site

@Anonymous As @MI5 has said, you need to give a month's notice to cancel, and as your contract was only 12 months, I'd do it asap, as you're now paying for a contract on a phone that's already been paid off, so you're paying a lot more than you need to. If you're intending to buy just another phone from an external site, you will need to go on either a monthly or 12 month sim only contract.