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O2 Winter Wonderland

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We have great news for O2 customers visiting Christmas markets this year. snowflakeyahoo


  • O2 has provided enhanced support to major festive hotspots, including Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, ensuring over an estimated 18 million visitors stay connected at events this winter
  • O2 has boosted 4G to over 50 events this year, including Wimbledon and Brighton Pride, to make sure customers can get closer to the events they love
  • O2 continues to invest in its 4G network across the UK, with £2m spent each day in network upgrades

O2 has been working in the grotto behind the scenes at Winter Wonderland and six major UK Christmas markets this December, giving visitors the gift of connection this holiday season.

Festive frolickers looking to share the perfect social media shot of the Bavarian beer hall at Winter Wonderland need not fear being scuppered by intermittent signal this year, as O2 has provided Wi-Fi to the wintery end of year festival.

The Christmas market has become a calendar staple in recent years, with some of the UK’s largest offerings competing with Europe’s most iconic markets. O2 has installed support at some of the UK’s biggest Christmas markets, ensuring customers do not get cut-off from their connection (and therefore their families!) in the crowds this Christmas. With markets at Manchester, Birmingham, York, Newcastle, Bath, Lincoln, and Winter Wonderland itself receiving over an estimated 18 million guests a year, O2’s support ensures customers remain connected to the network despite the crowds, able to share festive snaps and do last minute Christmas shopping on the go.

And for people looking forward to celebrating the turn of the decade, O2 is on hand with the same support at London’s New Year Celebrations and Hogmanay in Edinburgh.

O2 has played a supporting role at some of the biggest events in the UK calendar this year, including Wimbledon, The London Marathon, and London and Brighton Pride, providing boosted 4G to over 50 events this year as part of its programme of support for special calendar moments, to make sure customers can get closer to the events they love.

O2 currently offers 4G in over 19,000 cities, towns and villages across the UK and continually upgrades capacity across the UK - in October 2019 more than 19,800 postcodes received additional 4G capacity. Earlier this year, O2 announced that it had partnered with other operators to develop the Shared Rural Network (SRN) proposal to increase total UK geographic coverage from 67% to 92%, which was recently backed by the government.

O2 is continuing to roll-out its 5G network in more locations across the UK. The 5G network supplements O2’s existing 4G connectivity, which remains the backbone of the network. In total O2 is now investing over £2m a day in its network.

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Re: O2 Winter Wonderland

Super news, @Chris_K!

Was in Belfast Christmas Market last Thurs, great signal all-round City Hall.

In our own Walled City Market area, the Guildhall, this morning - dismal (Derry, or Londonderry).

Still some imbalance there, but nice to see O2 make the effort - Glühwein SMS and pics are the best (!).

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Re: O2 Winter Wonderland

Didn't o2 do 4G for the winter wonderland in Bournemouth this year or is it because 5G has come out in Bournemouth to why o2 didn't do 4G for the winter wonderland in Bournemouth?