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O2: Helping to build a sustainable future

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Increasingly, our planet is under threat. Businesses have a role to play in securing a sustainable future for us all. That’s why at O2 we are fully committed to running our business responsibly.

We’ve held the Carbon Trust standard since 2008, recognising the great effort we put into doing the right thing for the planet. In addition, we were the first mobile telecoms company to get the triple standard: for carbon, water and waste. Our industry leading supply chain policies require that we do business with those who share our vision, have similar policies in place and commit to supporting our ambition.

O2 Recycle
O2 Recycle plays a hugely important role in helping us reduce waste and helping us and our customers have a more positive impact on the environment. Here’s just some of our headline figures – some of them are truly amazing!

  • We’ve reused and recycled 8 million devices
  • 33 devices are processed by O2 Recycle every hour
  • £44 is paid to customers every minute through O2 Recycle
  • O2 Recycle guarantees that all devices received are securely wiped and 100% reused or recycled – nothing ever goes to landfill. As a result, we’ve saved over 280 tonnes of materials ending up in landfills.
  • O2 Recycle has given over £8 million to O2 Blueprint, supporting our NSPCC partnership and Go Thing Big.
  • In 2018 alone, we recycled over a quarter of a million devices
  • If we lined up all of the devices we’ve processed to date, it would cover the same distance as going go to space and backtwice!!

The 1.5°C climate change target

In response to the biggest challenge our planet faces, we have committed to playing our part in supporting the global 1.5°C climate change target. We’ll do this by assisting our customers to play their part in helping the UK look after the planet. And there’s more…

As a leader in responsible business we:

  • Work with partners and suppliers to give young people, from all backgrounds, access to work skills opportunities.
  • Ensure we have the most efficient network possible in terms of our energy, waste and water impacts.
  • Work with employees, customers and suppliers to influence the way we all do business.
  • Have reduced the carbon emissions from our network by over 40%, relative to data traffic
  • Buy 100% renewable energy for all sites where we control the energy bill
  • Use 16% less water per person in our corporate sites
  • Maintain zero waste to landfill where operationally possible


More Info
You can find out more about Our Blueprint here.

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