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Help & Support from O2 during COVID-19

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Hello, and welcome to the O2 Community.

If you're reading this, it's likely because you're looking for information or you're having issues getting through to our Customer Services by phone or through our social media. Remember, you can manage your account and get lots of self-help via My O2 without needing to contact us. Video and guides on using My O2 here.

Contacting us
The Coronavirus global pandemic has caused unparalleled disruption and uncertainty to all of our lives - not just for us all as individuals, but to businesses across the country which includes all UK mobile networks, including O2.

Due to the impact of coronavirus which has meant less agents being available with an increased demand in support, we have had to make some changes to how we operate and the queries we can handle. We therefore ask that you only contact us by phone or via social media for essential issues only. We are at this time unable to answer non-essential queries. Our My O2 service remains fully operational with many self-serve support options.

Our Customer Services
Our customer services are still in operation, though at a reduced capacity. See below the latest opening hours and the queries we can help with.

📞 Phone Support 📞

Opening Hours: See latest opening hours here
Latest Info: Due to a reduced capacity within our call centres our phone lines are operating at a reduced capacity. We are training more staff to be able to work from home, which will increase our capacity in the coming days and weeks.
Supported Queries: We can only answer essential query types where you are at risk of not being able to use your phone or our network to access the internet, make calls, or send messages.

🗨️ Social Media Support 🗨

Opening Hours: 7am to 10pm weekdays, 8am to 6pm weekends
Latest Info: Due to more customers messaging us on Twitter and Facebook, our Social Media team has been inundated with requests. We have aligned our opening hours to match our phone lines, and can only support the same essential queries, outlined above and below. We also have an 'out of hours bot' which sends automated messages with support for common queries.
Supported Queries: We can only answer essential query types where you are at risk of not being able to use your phone or our network to access the internet, make calls, or send messages.

💬 Chat Support 💬

Opening Hours: Currently Closed
Latest Info: The sites where our online chat service operated from are currently in total lockdown and as such, customers are unable to use the chat service on our website or from My O2. It is not yet known when our chat service will return.

Support for customers
We continue to review the support our customers need and that we can provide them on a regular basis. Some of the support we are giving our customers currently includes:

  • Pay Monthly: Lifting the limits on voice call allowances for our Pay Monthly consumer customers. UPDATE: We are extending unlimited calls to standard UK numbers for another 30 days till 31st May. Your tariff won’t change, these calls will just show as free of charge on your bill and in My O2.
  • Pay As You Go: We’ve added a 300 minutes allowance for standard UK calls to select Pay As You Go customers to help them stay in touch.
  • Keeping you connected: Focussed efforts in maintaining our network for all customers during these difficult times
  • Free website access: We have zero-rated NHS websites and many mental health websites for all customers
  • Reduced Hospedia call rates: We have removed our charges for calling Hospedia bedside telephones, used in 130 NHS hospitals. We'll also automatically credit back customers who’ve called since the pandemic began.
  • Keeping the country connected: We are standing united with the other UK mobile networks to help protect our critical communications networks and infrastructure, to ensure you, the NHS and our emergency services continue to have access to our networks
  • Roaming Customers: If you are currently stuck abroad, we’re going to credit roaming costs back to you for the period between 16 March and 15 April. You do not need to contact us about this - you’ll see the credit within the next week. If you require roaming support from 15 April, we welcome you to contact our customer services so we can discuss this with you directly.
  • Gurus on the Community: We have introduced over 20 Gurus and support resource to the O2 Community to help answer as many customer queries as possible. We're unable to support with account specific queries or issues from the O2 Community.
  • Payment Support: For any of our customers who have been impacted by COVID-19 and are unable to pay their O2 bill due to their individual circumstances, we request that you please call our Customer Services where our Payment Manage team will be able to discuss your individual circumstances with you further and hopefully find a solution. More information on this here:
  • NHS Staff: O2 is committed to supporting the valuable work of the NHS, helping frontline staff on O2 stay connected. From Thursday 23rd April O2 will be giving NHS staff a free 10GB bundle of data each month, for a three month period, so they can stay in touch worry free. More info here.
  • NHS Nightingale: O2 is also providing free voice calls and data for 2,000 devices to be used by patients in NHS Nightingale sites, keeping people connected with loved ones as they recover.

What are essential queries?
This list isn't exhaustive, but while our Customer Services are prioritising only urgent and essential call queries, here are some what we will be able to support you with. If your query doesn't fall into any of the below, please see the non-essential queries section further down this page.

Issue / Query
Issues with our network, where there's no known issue on
Reporting your phone lost or stolen
Issues with a bar or restriction being applied to your account
Removing a spend cap
Device faults preventing you using your device properly
To report potential fraud on your account
If you're unable to pay your bill and face being restricted or disconnected
Cancellation & returns
If you're a vulnerable customer and need support
Porting or migrating networks
Pay As You Go top-up's or allowance changes
SIM swaps
To order a replacement SIM

What are non-essential queries?
With a reduced Customer Service capacity, we need to prioritise support for our vulnerable customers, or for essential and urgent queries only which would prevent you from either being able to use your phone or connect to our network to use data, make calls or send messages. For any non-urgent support requests listed below, we are currently unable to provide support and request that you use any available self-serve options instead.

This list isn't exhaustive, but here are some of the most common 'non-essential' queries our customer service teams are receiving which are delaying us from supporting our most vulnerable customers, or those with urgent queries.

Issue / Query Available support
Anything already supported by My O2 My O2 provides many self-serve options such as managing your account, viewing and paying for bills, managing your bolt-ons and loads more. We will not be able to support you with any queries that can be handled from within the My O2 app or website. If you need help using My O2, check out our Guru video and member guides here.
S20 store orders If you ordered a Samsung Galaxy S20 device prior to our stores temporary closing, and have not yet been contacted by us to re-arrange delivery, then we're afraid we're unable to progress with your order at this time. If you have not heard anything further on your S20 store order, then you currently have two options:

1) Wait for our stores to re-open and we'll process your order ASAP
2) Re-order online for delivery to your home, and once our stores re-open you'll be able to take your receipt with you and get any deposits you paid refunded to you

You do not need to contact us about any of the above options. We're really sorry, but these are the only options available; we're unable to provide further support or options via customer services.
Returns queries We’re temporarily extending our cooling-off return period from 14 to 28 days until 31 May. We’re also changing the process for store sales and upgrades so customers can still return their devices while our stores are closed.

For customers who want to Return & Cancel: Follow the instructions on

For customers who want to Return & Exchange: Our usual process still applies, so you'll still need to call us to arrange this, however you will also benefit from the extended return period.
Unlatching or unlocks Most new devices sold by O2 since Jan '19 are already unlocked. If you have an older device you need to unlock, please visit our unlatching page. Typically, this could take up to 10 days but may take longer in some circumstances.

We also have an O2 Community Guide: Unlocking an O2 phone to use a different SIM card 
Allowances or tariff You can view your available allowances from My O2 for Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go, or My O2 Business for our SMB customers. If you need help viewing your allowance on My O2, check out our Guide: How-to guide for My O2 
O2 Extras such as Disney+ More info on O2 Extras can be found on our website here. You can choose or add an Extra from within My O2.
Spend Caps For new or upgrading customers, you can choose your spend cap when adding a device to your basket on our website. For existing customers, spend caps can only be removed by contacting our Customer Services. During this time we request that you monitor your account via My O2 to stay within your means, and only to contact us if you need to remove your spend cap.

If you are looking to add a spend cap, this isn't something we can currently support and request instead that you contact us at a later date to add this, and to monitor your spend via My O2.
Insurance For existing customers looking to add or remove insurance, you need to contact our Customer Services. We request you only do this if absolutely essential. For new and upgrading customers, you can add insurance when adding a device to your basket on our website.

To make a claim, you must contact our Customer Services. There's no way to do this online or via our Social Media team.
5G/4G rollout info and network issues You can find our most up-to-date network coverage here, and more info around our latest 5G updates and rollout here. If you have recently experienced network issues, please check for any known issues on our Status Checker. If there are issues, you'll find the latest updates there. If there are no known issues and you have no network connection, then please get in touch with our Customer Services.
Roaming info If you are currently stuck abroad due to coronavirus, we understand the added stress that this may cause and so we want you to know that you don’t have to worry about your roaming charges. We’re going to credit these back to you for the period between 16 March and 15 April. You’ll see this in the next week.

If you are looking for roaming cost info for a future holiday, please find the info you need here.
Phishing or Smishing If you have received an email or text that your suspicious about, please find all the latest info, support and tips here. There is no need to contact our Customer Services to report these messages. You can verify your latest bill and charges via My O2.
Account, billing or charge queries We request that you do not contact us at this time to query your bill or recent charges. This information can be found via My O2. If there is a charge that you would like to dispute that you're unable to pay for, you need to contact our Customer Services - but please do so only if absolutely urgent.
Store Click & Collect

O2 Stores are back open now. As of Thursday, the 13th August Click & Collect orders can be picked up from O2 Stores again. More details here.

Upgrades, devices or accessories If you're an existing customer, you can view your upgrade date and latest device plan payments from My O2, which will show you how much it would cost to pay your device plan off early, and help you through your upgrade.

For new device or accessory orders, please purchase online here.
Order tracking If you have ordered a new device or accessory, you can track this via My O2. We will also notify you as soon as your order has progressed and is out for delivery. If you ordered a popular device that was on back order, we are unable to provide any updates - but you will be notified as soon as it dispatched.
Age verification With our stores temporarily closed, the only way to remove age verification checks is by verifying your age via a credit card check. More information and how do to this here. If you don't have a credit card, this is a non-essential query we cannot currently support with via Customer Services.
Coronavirus support If you have general questions around how we're operating during this time, the support we're giving our employees and partners, or the support available for our customers, please visit our website which has the latest updates and info.

What next?
This is an unprecedented time for us all, including businesses across the country - and O2 and other UK mobile networks are no different. We have a reduced customer service operation due to the temporary closure of our stores, the sites we operate out of, and a reduced capacity in our call centers. We are working behind the scenes to train and equip more of our staff to enable them to work from home, which will increase our capacity in the coming days and weeks.

We are constantly reviewing how we can support our customers during these uncertain times, and will update with all of the latest info, updates and support available to you.

We hope you are all safe and well, and we hope to see normality return for all of you soon. Until then, stay safe, stay at home, protect the NHS, and save lives.

Hi. I'm from the Social Media Team.

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You have to call O2. All numbers in this guide Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support 

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hi I've been trying to ring you for 5 days to sort out my husband phone as its cut off where no one can ring him at all when we try ring for this just get cut off without talking to anyone from o2 anyone no how I could talk to someone from o2 as he needs his phone as we both work full time and both need phones for are kids

Many thanks carla
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The O2 Shops are open again, if you are near one at all, @Carla4.


Failing that, land-line (Free call) and Skype can be used for many of the numbers in this Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support, including the bill payments section.


Good luck! 


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Hi does anyone know about employee discounts my employer is eligible so i added my payslip waited the three days but when go into my o2 open account and select my number i have a discount Bolt On in place for this number: 100% Airtime Discount 6 Months.

I spoke to an advisor today and she kindly imformed me that once the 6 months are over ill have to call up and someone will manually added my discount my concern that its over 28 days period in which i can apply the discount but she was adamant that it could be done over the phone or via an escalation form ?? Any help would be greatly appreciated 
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You can't have both offers, and you won't be able to get the o2 open discount after the 28 days. 




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We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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So i was lied to !😡


Most misleading

I didnt even know i had discount in place can it removed ?

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