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Hi I have entered on the app to log in my email address and password.


Selected code to be sent to my mobile number but it says it cannot send a y more codes ask for help….? 

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@Baddy - Try the Web version of MyO2:

If still having difficulty, it may be because you and perhaps thousands more, have been similarly affected by a software glitch as O2 rolled-out changes to the way MyO2 works at the back end...

If you need answers, only option is to contact O2, and the best, if not the most expedient, way is to contact O2's Social Media team on Twitter/X, Facebook or Instagram. Use the ways in the link just below. You may need to nudge them a few times before one of the agents engages with you, so be persistent - a 2 to 3-day response time is not uncommon.


Note that you may need to change the e-mail address you use for MyO2 due to the issue, so register for a free address from, eg, Gmail, beforehand and give this to O2 to apply to the new account.
Or you can request the original email be released from the original account, and this can then be added to the new account - although this can take up to 28 days, CS aim for this to be completed sooner.
Good luck!

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