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Excessive Data Usage

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Today my monthly contract renewed for another month - I received 5GB of data (per my plan). However, by 10:00am I had allegedly used 4GB(!) of that data despite not using my phone very much. Last month I used 9GB and had to buy a bolt on. 


Usually, I use between 3 and 5GB in any given month. This has been consistent over the time I have had this phone for the last ~3 years. Why is it I am now using so much data? To use 4GB in 10 hours when I usually use that much in a month is ridiculous. 


To pre-empt some suggestions I may get: 

*I have turned off background refresh over mobile data

*I have restricted certain heavy data apps from using mobile data

*I have already called 202. They suggested resetting network settings, which I have done.


Funny thing is, the robot when you call 202 stated that I have used 138MB of this months allowance (not 4GB as My O2 and the human on 202 both state). This seems more reasonable. Is there an error on O2's side causing this? I have reset the data usage for all the apps on my phone (iPhone 8 ) so I can see if there are any unusual spikes. 


Any help would be appreciated as 202 weren't terribly useful. 



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Has your iPhone done any updates at all in the last few days? Also check WiFi assist is turned off, as soon as IOS detects a loss or even degradation of WiFi service it will switch to Mobile Data. 

I know there are reports of excessive icloud and itunes features syncing, and in some cases resyncing files and music

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