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Changed Tariff - Voicemails Disapeared

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My contract with o2 was up so I managed to find a better value tariff with them. After the switchover I then noticed that all my old voicemails had disappeared. After many frustrating calls and chats they have now told me that my voicemail should be working correctly, yes the voicemail is working (and always has been) but the old voicemails have gone. They can't seem to understand the concept of this after explaining over and over and over, really frustrating.


Since when has o2 support been this useless??? I think I'll be switching to another provider next year who have call centres in the UK, I'm not being racist but I just can't understand what they are saying due to the poor line quality and the accent. 


Is it a common thing that if you change tariff your old voicemails get deleted? are we warned about this? I've lost some important business and family members voicemails who are no longer with us and it was nice just hearing their voice again.

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Voicemails expire, they are not saved for ever on any Voicemail platform, I am afraid...  and there is no way for them to be recovered I am sorry to say.

The only network that has UK call centres for now is BT/EE and they are closing some of theirs.. or use  MVNO such as Honest Mobile or Spusu

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There were about 100 voicemails on the system and they expire all at once?

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