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Can't log in to my o2 app as sim not working

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Hi, is there any other way to get in to my O2 app.

I was having connectivity issue when outside of wifi, I range O2 for help and was told I needed to upgrade to eSim.  I agreed.  By the end of the call I got an email to say the order was going through, then my phone stopped working.  To install my eSim i need to get in to my O2 app, but your colleague cut my sim off at the same time as placing my order.  I have been withoug connection all week.

I rang again, a new colleague explained I now need a physical sim, I have been waiting 3 days and I go on holiday on Monday before the post arrives.

I can't get in to O2 App to check statuses because the only way to get in seems to be receiving a text message.  Surely O2 thought this through?  It seems totally insane  

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Yes it is insane.

Pop in store with photo ID.

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