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o2 have negatively affected my credit file!!

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I upgraded my phone via mobiles direct on 30/11/21 to a Samsung Galaxy S21 PLUS on an o2 tariff as I was already with O2 it made sense to stay with them and keep my exiting number, once I received the phone I quickly realised the phone was not compatible with my area and arranged for the phone to be returned on 7/12/21. I informed o2 that I would be returning the phone to which they advised everything will be cancelled with the contract with them once the phone has been sent back to Mobiles Direct. 
Mobiles Direct advised me on 13/12/21 that they have received the Samsung Galaxy S21 PLUS and it would be going through checks to ensure the phone was ok. I advised O2 of this and kept them up to date at every stage of the return. 
Once the phone had been inspected and marked as returned (15/12/21), Mobiles Direct wrote me an email confirming the order has been fully returned and any monies I paid upfront will be fully refunded to the payment card.. 
Also, as confirmation of the contract being cancelled, o2 cut off my phone line, so I was without a working phone. I had an old pay as you go 02 sim card, which I rang o2 to ask if I can transfer my number from the now dead sim to the pay as you go sim card until the o2 sim only contract I had ordered comes through, to which the advisor suggested, that instead of going from contract to pay as you go , then back to a contract, that it would be easier for them to reinstate my number on the dead sim they had just cut off, until the new sim only contract comes in which would be in roughly 2-5 working days. The advisor stated that all fees would be waived as they understand my situation. So, I agreed to this. 
A few days later, the new sim only contract came and I was able to switch the sim cards over in my old s9 plus and called o2 where they again transferred my number across to the new sim card. The advisor again assured me that all fees have been waived. 
on 29/12/21, i received an email from o2 billing advising me that I had an outstanding payment of £52.80p, I rang through to o2 customer services who advised this was an automated message on their system and there is nothing they can do about automated messages, but they can see on my account that a credit has been applied and I have nothing outstanding to pay. She advises that any further emails/ letters I may get from o2 to ignore as they are automated. 
On 1/1/22 I received another email from o2 stating I had an outstanding balance of £1113.84. Again I rang o2 to clarify what is going on and again was advised that it is automated and they can see there is a credit on my account and I am not to worry about it. 
on 14/1/21 I get an alert on my credit file which tells me O2 has put a missed payment on my credit account as I am now in arrears. 
I contact O2 again, and I am put forward to the payment team and a very helpful advisor again informed me that the account balancing is showing as £0.00. So I ask why is there a negative on my credit score? He then asks to put me on hold to speak to another advisor. He then tells me that, customer services still need to make that payment on my account and whey they do, they can then send a letter to equifax for corrections. 
How can this be, how can customer services get to the point and this not be cleared up? I am in the process of applying for a mortgage and this strike on my file is going to impact the process. 
I have never missed a payment all the years I've been with o2. I was told on various occasions that this wasn't an issue, that my account is at £0 and nothing to worry about and now I am hit with this negative on my credit file. 
I need this rectified asap, I gave the phone back to mobiles direct within the 14 day cooling off period, mobiles direct, confirmed that they received the phone and I was given a refund if the monies I paid upfront. O2 then cut off the phone as confirmation that they received the confirmation from mobiles direct, I was advised by an o2 advior to reinstate the line to keep my number until the new sim only contract sim came through where I could then swap my number to that sim and all fees would be waived . 
How did I get to where I am now. 
I need this resolved asap 
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Sounds a bit dire, @Joanna24 - and whilst we are all customers here on the forum, we do have access to a small number of O2 Advisors who can help with awkward cases - I'll tag on @O2Georgina who is on from 8am today, please keep an eye on your Private Messages (the envelope icon top right, or under your Avatar, "Messages" in the drop-down menu. Hopefully you can get some concrete advice, awkward as the O2 Credit Management Team take time to respond - and you have been in contact with O2 throughout the process, as per your post. Good luck.

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Thank you @pgn, i'll keep an eye on my inbox.

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Thanks for the tag @pgn , @Joanna24  I will send you a private message now

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