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contract to pay as you go


just wondering if it is possible to keep my number if i want to change from contract to pay as you go? i am going travelling and want to minimise my bills basically.

do i need to contact 02 to sort this out?


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Re: contract to pay as you go

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Transferring your mobile number from a Contract to Payg is achievable.


Are you out of contract ?


If not O2 will then let you know whether you have fulfilled any contractual agreement you may have with them.


And yes you would need to contact O2 on 202 to discuss your options.


If your not travelling for a long period of time then alternatives such as using a local sim card from where your staying while your there, or a world sim if your travelling to a few different countries may be options. This type of sim does carry an initial cost.  http://www.worldsim.com/defaultuk.aspx


You can unlock your phone for free being on contract.


Unlock Request Form : https://www.o2.co.uk/apps/help/help?qid=1&q1=2&route=unlocking&case=Handset%20Unlocking%20Form


Or take your o2 sim card, turn off mobile data and use Wifi when and where you can, and ask o2 about O2 Travel depending on where your going. 


Look at Tugo and other alternatives such as Viber and WhatsApp.


Travel Link : http://www.o2.co.uk/international/o2-travel

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Re: contract to pay as you go

Call 202 from your phone and they will sort it for you Smiley Happy
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Re: contract to pay as you go

Smiley Happy

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