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cancelled order

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I placed an order on  the 16th for a phone upgrade.


On seeing the confirmation, I immediately realised I have the wrong device.  Who creates a web page that uses carousels to choose a product which can be changed by a user scrolling down the page? Web designers need a rethink!


I'd booked a future delivery date, so I had maybe 48 hours before dispatch.


Tortuous ordeal trying to get in touch with anyone. Finally, got though on chat, was told order would be cancelled in next 24 hours.  27 hours later no sign of this.  


Tried again, told again the order was cancelled and it would take 24 hours. Told to refuse delivery if the phone arrived. Phone was dispatched.  I received all the emails about my new contract. Phone didn't arrive.


Only by checking the courier info did I discovered the phone had been returned to sender. Whooo, progress?!?  But where is the communication from O2?


Today my account says the order is complete. Well it isn't, it should be cancelled. Now can't get though on chat or the app to anyone.  


When this is resolved I I'm not sure I want to stay with O2. I realise that life's a bit crazy right now but this is ridiculous.

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It won't show as cancelled until O2 receive the phone back and it is scanned in.

Can take upto 2 weeks for this to happen unfortunately.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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You obviously need to sort this out. Contaact O2 on any of the numbers in these guides

Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support 

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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Hey @HRitchie just checking if you got through to someone and had this sorted?

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There's progress. I'd paid a deposit on the phone which, checking my bank account has been repaid 2 days ago.


I have had no messages or confirmation that the cancellation was accecpted or processed other than on this message board. 


Pretty terrible communiucation from a communication company.

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