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So this is a complicated one.

brought a new iPhone 12 pay monthly from mobile phones direct. 

came next day worked fine all good. Asked O2 to transfer my number from my current O2 pay monthly plan to my new one said okay will be done in next 24 hours or so and old phone will stop working. Great, I thought.

O2 had other ideas and got it the wrong way round! New number onto old contract and old number lost and new contract cancelled itself 3 days into it!

So contacted O2 wasn’t happy. They managed to get my old number back onto my old contract the only saving grace here. But my new contract was numberless and was told it gets cancelled automatically and lost into oblivion. So O2 advisor said the phone will have to go back to Mobile phones direct and don’t tell them what happened. Just tell them you changed your mind and it’s covered in the 14 day cooling off period! To be honest I was disgusted at that. O2 actively encouraging illicit behaviour on consumer rights is certainly not something I’d expect from any company let alone O2. So I didn’t take his advice. But he did say to take a new contract out with them and once it’s set up they will offer me a gesture of goodwill and a discount of some sort, basically to me there they’re admitting blame for this whole affair. I called mobile phones direct told them what O2 said to do man made a note of it and after a long hold he said we will have to have it back but we won’t process it under a cooling off period instead we will have to make a case with O2 and explain to them what’s happened and stop them from issuing a Early termination fee. But he passed me onto a lady to buy a new phone. So did that all good I thought. They can worry about the legal stuff and I will have another brand new phone tomorrow. 
but no. Because it’s logged on O2s system that my contract was cancelled 3 days into it and it’s classed as a early termination, my credit with O2 will not let me take out another contract. So now I’m proper stuck. I’m using my old phone and contract fine for now, this one is in my mums name so shouldn’t be affected. But I take it my own credit score will also suffer from this and essentially it’s one big mess. The phone is on its way back to mobile phones direct and O2 say they can’t process anything until mobile phones direct contact them and make a case to O2 against O2 about a O2 mistake which they’re obviously going to try and bill me for. 5 1/2 hours I spent yesterday on the phone to various people. Got cut off 4 times so much aggravation. That I’m to the point where if my credit score is affected I’m thinking of a legal challenge. I have a suitable paper trail. Think I my of visiting a O2 store to see what they say but they’ll probably just say call 202. Anyone had a similar issue or dealt with mobile phones direct claims teams before any advice?

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You’re right this is a tricky one


I’m going to tag the on duty account advisors to see if they can assist @O2Sarah- @O2megjess 

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