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Traveling/working in New Zealand

Thinking of traveling to New Zealand for 6 months to work over there! All I want is to make sure when I come back I have the same number I had when I left! That's the main thing, but can I use my phone contract over there, I have the extra international bolt on but does that only work for some long? Do I just get a NZ sim over there and leave my contract alone? Juat after some help! Thanks in advance
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Re: Traveling/working in New Zealand

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A quick response - take your phone with you, if it is a recent model that is unlocked and is a Contract phone - and then purchase a SIM card there for use in NZ.   More info here:


Leave your own sim somewhere safe, unless your phone is a dual-sim model (and can accommodate 2 sims in it at the same time).


Enjoy the time in New Zealand, @FARMER_1998!

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