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The o2 fraud department are a waste of space ..

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Soo I recently was a victim of fraud by somebody that I know.
They took out a phone contract in my name and address using my card.
I had no idea until I started receiving debt letters from o2 ..
So I obviously reported the fraud to both o2 and the police.
It took almost 3 weeks for the o2 fraud department to get back to me, saying that I would continue to get these threatening letters until the police contact them saying that they are going to prosecute her.
They also said that it will have already affected my credit score and even that I could have debt collectors at my door!
O2 then hung up on me before I had time to ask any questions or explain what had happened.
I think this is disgusting behaviour towards a victim of fraud.
The police are taking their time to get back to me, so I could face debt collectors coming to my home, until the police agree to prosecute.
Is there anything else I can do because o2 have been absolutely useless.

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Start a complaint but really you need the police to get a move on.
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