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Tariff Change and RPI

Bit confused by this. If I change tarrif now web site says (for example) £15 per month for 12 months then £22 + RPI.


However local O2 store says it will be £15 now plus RPI on that from April (next month)


When can i actually change tariff without seeing an immediate RPI increase this year?



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Re: Tariff Change and RPI

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This years RPI comes into effect in April 2018 @MBS14A

Retail Price Index

So you could go for a the cheaper tariff now and it will go up in April. The link I gave shows you by how much if you scroll down to the bottom of the page

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Re: Tariff Change and RPI

The tariff will increase by rpi in April every year regardless of when you take the contract.
To avoid paying an increase this year, take the contract after April, and it will then only rise over the initial cost in April 2019.
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Re: Tariff Change and RPI

Hi @MBS14A, good info above from our members. Smiley Happy Please let us know if you're all sorted or if you have any further questions the community could help you with?


Thanks @MI5 and @Cleoriffthumbsup

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