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Security deposit

I’ve posted about this before, however I was looking for some advice. I have now contacted o2 on two separate occasions. On both occasions I was told that they had there and then put in for my security deposit to be refunded back to my bank account ( shows in o2 balance currently ) - was advised both times 7 days. First 7 days went by and nothing, no change. Called and was told hadn’t been done and would do right now - another 7 days. 7 days again been and gone, nothing - can’t get through to anyone at o2 at all - still shows in online balance so nothing been done.

I would like to add that I was meant to get this deposit back in February - however due to a technical error it wasn’t released on my fourth bill. I had to wait an extra month for it to be released on next one and now I still am having major problems and in my opinion, seemingly nothing but lie upon lie.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Thankyou .
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