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Roaming North America

So, first post.
Already spoke to the ‘technical team’ about the snow data speed in Canada, I was getting .5mb regardless of of the network. I tried another plan on the eSim, on the same network and was getting a decent speed of 8-9mb but O2 was slow.
Now just got to the States, despite being assured that the speed would be much better, I am connected to AT&T getting .5mb.
I read various sites suggesting that O2 throttle their connections, although when I put this to Craig at the ‘technical team’ he denied this saying the slow speed would just be down to other users using the service in the area. I now don’t believe him.

What do I do? Any suggestions on how to improve speeds?
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Re: Roaming North America

There is no hope at the moment of getting a better speed on O2. The only way for you is to get a local sim unless you took a Three sim card with you. Many customers on here have reported speeds that you are experiencing.

Whether O2 throttle speeds or whether it is the networks prioritising data for their own customers, one of them is limiting data.

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Re: Roaming North America

@Pedrolami  Forget O2 for data while you're in the US. A local sim from AT&T or T-Mobile will be best for you. Cost is about $10 for 1GB. Try to use WiFi as much as you can. Plenty available.