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Reducing Monthly Payments - Poor Customer Service

Haven spoken to two different members of the customer service team (one of them hanging up on me) and written a complaint to the complaints team, i am hoping someone can help explain something to me.


I am currently trying to buy my first home and the monthly fee of £50 is affecting my affordability for a morgage. I am desperate to get this reduced. I understand that i am on a refresh contact and need to pay a fee to clear the remaining balance which is £175 (7months left on contact) but i don't have £175 to pay, so how else can they help me apart from the recycle option which in the long run will continue costing me more?


I've said i'd be happy for the contract to be extended if that ment the monthly payments were reduced but no one wants to give me an answer.


I don't understand why O2 don't want to help their most loyal customers, my partner is with EE and when he explained the morgage situation to them, they were more than happy to reduce his fee by £10 a month and he still has 12 months left of his contract!


If they can't help me, as soon as this is over i will be leaving, i've been with O2 for many years but will not make the mistake of renewing with them again.

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Re: Reducing Monthly Payments - Poor Customer Service

Try calling 202 and choose the thinking of leaving option. You will go through to retentions who are the only ones that can offer you any assistance on this.
It is not normal policy for O2 to reduce or extend tariffs though unless you have previously increased and your original tariff is still available.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: Reducing Monthly Payments - Poor Customer Service

Im sorry but i agree with the o2 customer services on this one, you agreed and signed for a £50.00 contract, where they ask you as part of the upgrade / new contract an affordability check. I did when doing an upgrade on one of my lines..

Im surprised at EEBT, as they normally dont give discounts, especially to people still in contract.

Im sorry if this isnt sympathetic to the cause, but people will try it on at the end of the day, so they have a zero policy for staff on allowing this.
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Re: Reducing Monthly Payments - Poor Customer Service

If you require a reduction in your contract but its not possible as your in a contracted agreement surely if your buying a house you have a deposit to put towards this. If that the case wouldnt make sense to pay off your device terminate your contract then take out a sim only deal at a lower rate. 

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Re: Reducing Monthly Payments - Poor Customer Service

If your having issues on affordability checks then taking on a mortgage probably isn't the right move.
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Re: Reducing Monthly Payments - Poor Customer Service

I think their customer service is awful. Im currently in the process of a complaint with them too. Cant wait to go back to EE.