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Re activating old sim

Hi all. Here goes. Had a sim only upgrade. Got the sim through today. Followed the instructions and deactivated my old sim through the sim swap process only to find that the sim I was sent was a nano sim and is too small to fit in the iPhone 4s sim cradle. Contacted O2 who said they would reactivate my old sim. After a few hours I contacted O2 and told them I still had no service. I provided them with the old SIM serial number again and they said that they had now refreshed my account and my service would be resumed straight away. But that wasn't the case. 3 calls later with the same response and still no service. It's becoming rather tedious. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am in the process of concluding a property purchase and desperatly need the phone to liaise with my solicitor.
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Re: Re activating old sim


Try turning your phone off and on to refresh the connection.

Any O2 shop can supply free of charge ~ a sim adapter than you place your nano sim in to make it the correct size to fit in your phone.

O2 now only send out nano SIM cards but they should also come with this adapter.
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Re: Re activating old sim

I'm not aware that a deactivated sim can be reversed.
Nano sim cards should come with an adapter to use the sim in any phone or go into an O2 store and ask if they still have any combi sims available and do another sim swap (or ask the store to do it.
Make sure you get the correct sim for your account though as PAYG and contract are different ones.
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