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Re: £`1.50 a month for a VAT invoice?

@Mushu_3040 wrote:

Hey all.


Quick update. O2 called me and added VAT bills to my account, so fingers crossed they have sorted it. Thank you all for your comments. Thank you @Cleoriff for bringing it to @EmilieT's attention as she got hold of the right people. Thank you @EmilieT for your help!


I will find out if it all worked OK in a couple of weeks smiley



No problem @Mushu_3040. I hope things works out for you Smiley Wink

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Re: £`1.50 a month for a VAT invoice?

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@Duncana wrote:

@Mushu_3040 glad you got sorted. Do you have online access to VAT bills? 


Well let's not start slapping each other on the back yet @Duncana as Winston 'Direct Line' Wolfe might have said, if he'd been on this family friendly forum.

I'd be very surprised if @Mushu_3040 gets online vat invoicing for his airtime bills  so easily.. I just read a thread where it took someone ten months...as you only get one shot at it per month. For devices it's only ever going to be paid for manual month by month request for a paper vat bill


When will the people who run call centres understand that if they do not train all their staff to the same level, they must provide direct access to the ones who can help. There is no point the one person who can help asking me to call back into the call centre. ".

If wishes were wings... the people at the call centres in South Africa earn about £10 a day, it's as much as you can do to guide them through the process they can access, to effect changes, let alone ones they can't.

If you notice the spangley billing site on my O2 goes  all old fashioned the closer you get to the pdf. This is cos back in the day the pdf's were bulked off to the printers so everyone got their paper bill. These days the same legacy system, has been jury rigged to remove the vat element and left for people who for whatever reason  want to print the bill out on paper. The same legacy system can have a vat invoice switch turned back on for individuals but almost no one knows how to do that and no one is maintaing the facilliy. As by default customers who are not on business contracts are offered the £1.50 manual option which generates revenue.

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Re: £`1.50 a month for a VAT invoice?

@Duncana wrote:

@Mushu_3040 glad you got sorted. Do you have online access to VAT bills? 


No, not online access but monthly paper bill. No extra cost though. I will let you know if this is the case when I get the bill through.


The lady that called me was not a 202 Customer Services person, she had better access to the system, so I would guess she was 2nd or 3rd line support, possibly technical support.

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Re: £`1.50 a month for a VAT invoice?

Thanks @Mushu_3040 @Anonymous I give in.

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Re: £`1.50 a month for a VAT invoice?

Unfortunately, all you can do is ask, wait, check, and ask again.


I am fortunate enough to have a MyO2 account that predates O2 Refresh, but still have to annoy CS every time I upgrade, so the VAT invoicing is enabled in MyO2, where applicable. 


I have found the O2 Social Media Team know which buttons to press to re-enable Online VAT Invoices, where they can, in the online billing system.


You can reach them via Twitter as @O2 - the same team is reachable via FB too, but I don't know their FB handle, sorry.


Good luck, it took me almost 10months... 

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