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Perks at work code



I have recently taken a contract from O2. I have a discount code from perksatwork. However, I don't have any company code. When I messaged 61202 with my company's name, it's not found. So is it like perksatwork code is no longer valid for O2 or there is some other way to apply the code?

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Re: Perks at work code


All of the valid O2 discounts are here https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/How-to-Guides/O2-Open-amp-Friends-and-Family-discounts-How-to-sign-up/...

Try different versions of your company name but if not in one of the schemes I'm afraid you'll be out of luck.

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Re: Perks at work code

If you search for your company registered name you may be lucky but if perksatwork was found before then maybe they aren't now registered or recognised as part of the discount scheme.

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Re: Perks at work code

My company's rewards and discounts are managed via PerksAtWork - and the code issued by PerksAtWork does not work on O2 website.

I documented it here - similar to your problem, perchance?


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