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Pay monthly Contract - no sim

is it possible to take a pay monthly mobile and not take a sim as I already have one?
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Re: Pay monthly Contract - no sim

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Yes, perfectly possible - so long as your phone's Sim format matches - micro Sim vs nano SIM, for example, @Shedden. Also an older 4G Sim may need to be changed if your new phone is 5G capable, for example. 


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Re: Pay monthly Contract - no sim


Can you clarify your question please as I read it differently to @pgn 

If you take a refresh contract you must take a new airtime tariff too. So whilst you can use your current SIM, it will have a different tariff attached to it.

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Re: Pay monthly Contract - no sim

The short answer is no

You must take a tariff if you want a new phone unless you buy the phone outright

In that case there are much cheaper ways of buying rather than through O2.