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Pay Monthly Payment Details Changed by O2

For the third time since December 2012 my Pay Monthly payment details have been changed. The first 2 times the Direct Debit was changed to a different bank and account - apparently from within O2, and without my authority or consent. Noone was able to provide a satisfactory explanation but clearly was an error. The change was reversed twice and direct debits made as usual in February and March.


A third change has now been made - the direct debit has been cancelled and so far I have not been able to find out why. The payment details have been changed - though so far on-line customer service/support have denied it was done by them. Since I know I haven't accessed my account and changed anything in the last month I've asked for an explanation. This, like any change back to the previous direct debit authority can only be done by ' specialized team who deals with this kind of queries.'


It's all rather infuriating as after over an hour with them they then say that they cannot pass this to the payment team nor ask them to call back.


It takes a lot of time to sort these problems out and there's never a satisfactory or written explanation. On the first two occasions it was possible to confirm apparently that it had been a change processed by O2, and presumably someone got an account or phone number wrong.


Anyone else had similar experiences, and managed to get a reasonable explanation? Twice I've asked that no changes be made to my account, especially billing, without confirming these with me. That clearly hasn't happened.

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Re: Pay Monthly Payment Details Changed by O2

I would lodege a formal written complaint use the impartial complaints review service details here http://service.o2.co.uk/IQ/srvs/cgi-bin/webcgi.exe?New,KB=Companion,question=ref(user):str(RelatedHe...

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Re: Pay Monthly Payment Details Changed by O2

Why does O2 have the details of more than one of your bank accounts?


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Re: Pay Monthly Payment Details Changed by O2

I would make a complaint as advised above
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Re: Pay Monthly Payment Details Changed by O2

Let us know how you get on ZorroDominic.

Cheers, Toby
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