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Outlook problem

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Hello.  This morning I was unable to receive email attachments. I use outlook with my email address being n.cartwright**Personal info** I still receive my emails but if there is a photo, document, pdf file etc it is not attached. I visited my local O2 store. The lady in the shop, tried several things but to no avail. She asked her colleague, who dismissed the problem as "not O2" stating that it was because my e-mail address is too old and is not supported, even though it was working OK until this morning. I can still send emails with attachments which are correctly received on my main computer outlook and my wife's phone (also Outlook) but I can't receive attachments on my phone outlook. I have reinstalled Outlook but it still doesn't work. I have been told by the shop staff to ring Virgin or Outlook as it is a fault with them. I will need this to work as I will need PCR test results emailed to me shortly. They were also unable to assist me logging on to my Virgin emails using the phone. Can someone help please. Thank you, regards, Nigel.

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