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O2 upgrade online

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hello all, i am becoming increasingly frustrated at the fact that i am not able to access my o2 upgrade page online, this is causing me much inconvenience and aggrevation as this has been going on for months now. I am currently due an upgrade and am frustrated at the fact that i am not able to upgrade mine or my sons mobile to an iphone 5 simply using o2's poor online webpage. I have heard that this problem has been common among a few people in threads that i have read on this website, however, i have not seen anybody come up with a clear or satisfactory explanation as to why this is happening or even if there is a solution to this problem (doubtful). I have called o2's customer service but seem to get absolutely nowhere, mostly spending hours on end waiting for an upgrade, over the phone, but never seem to even get through to anybody. After all, who wants to spend hours waiting to speak to somebody on the phone that really does not understand your frustration on the subject. Does anybody have any suggestions or know a solution to this problem?????? i have tried visiting my local o2 shop however they do not have any 16gb iphone 5's and suggest that i do my upgrade online or over the phone (impossible)....SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!?


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Re: O2 upgrade online

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I'm afraid there isn't any solution. Customer care have no control over the Internet, this is done through the webteam.

I managed to get through to retention last sat in 20 mins from start to finish and I've got through again in week in about the same time, so u shouldn't be hours on the phone. If u want to upgrade choose option 2, option 2 and option 2 again.

Not the answer you want I'm affraid but its a start. 

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