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O2 ruining my life. No exageration

Long story short I ordered a sim card from o2 in November within my two week cooling off period I called up to cancel it. I was assured it was cancelled. Then two weeks later recieved a bill. Called up again and had been told it was disconnected. So the same process has been happening since November. I keep getting a bill,ringing up and then being told it's cancelled, get a bill.
After accepting full responsibility they assured me this would be sorted. In March I recieved a late payment notice on my credit file. After being told to email credit referrals which I did with all the information I have. They are as much help as a chocolate fire guard. I contacted o2 again and I was assured they will email them directly and the matter will be sorted within 10 working days. checked my credit file this morning I'm now on very poor as I now have a default notice and 3 late payments all of this is o2 fault. I'm trying to start a business and can not get credit. I have a 1 year old son who is dependant on me to drive him around I am not able to take him anywhere after next Monday as my car insurance runs out and I can not apply for credit as my usual very good credit rating is now at very poor all because of o2. After being told that it will all be a sorted since Nov I'm worse off and it is breaking me. Discusting service for somebody that has been a loyal custom er for 8 years
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Re: O2 ruining my life. No exageration

You need to raise a complaint
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Re: O2 ruining my life. No exageration

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Re: O2 ruining my life. No exageration

Hello @Anonymous

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

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