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O2 hotspot

Hi guys hope your all well. Been a O2 customer for 2 weeks now and every day i get the feeling i wished i stayed away and gone somewhere else, NO delivery reports, bad siganl at home even thou on there signal checker it says for PE11 3AB, 2G its good indoors/outdoors, 3G good outdoors, 4G good outdoors, but i should say 90% of the time all i get is texts messages saying ive missed a call from someone and dont even see one bar on my signal graph, and also its says "save your date, use O2 hotspots" does anyone know how to use it? as i live in Spalding, Lincs PE113AB and everytime i open my wi-fi O2  "NEVER" comes up, ive got BT as landline and they do BT wi-fi hotspots and 99.9% of the time i can always get theres, just rang O2 and she told me they have a problem within our area, but ive been trying for a week plus now, so have been using my O2 mobile data, which they keep telling me save and use theres, and the moment O2 isnt delivering on there promise, NOT happy.

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Re: O2 hotspot

@Laffer If there is a fault then there is nothing you can do about it until O2 can repair it. You may get some goodwill gesture once it’s fixed but they don’t give timescales for repairs. If you wanted to move providers then I’m afraid you will have to pay off the rest of what you owe on your device plan 

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Re: O2 hotspot

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Re: O2 hotspot

You have to be near an O2 WiFi hotspot to use it.. they won't just appear everywhere I'm afraid.
McDonald's, coffee shops, etc or anywhere you see the O2 WiFi sign.
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Re: O2 hotspot

As you probably know by now, O2 don't support delivery reports. The message has t be preceded by *0#

At your home address there is a mast down. Unfortunately they won't give timescales for repairs. Hopefully that will sort out your home signal once rectified.




Download the My Network app and it will show you any hotspots around you, usually a pub, cafe or fast food place.you then go into one of them, register on the wifi connection there and then you will utomatically be logged onto any hotspot wherever you travel.