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O2 credit check fail due to error on site

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I applied for a £10 SIM only contract on the 1st June through uswitch. When I got to the last stage it said error try again later. When I tried again later in the day I received the same error. Upon contacting the O2 team I was told that this deal was not available anymore. If this deal is not available anymore it should not have let me go through the entire process of a credit check. Now my credit score has dropped 50 points due to this error and I have been declined credit with a 640 clearscore. 


I emailed the credit referral team on that day but it's been over a month and still no reply. Any suggestions on what to do?

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As the credit check part of the process of the order was completed the hard search will stand, as you should have contacted o2 straight away and advised them. 

As o2 will say you applied for credit, the search will stand... 

Deals can also be time limited.


Also your "Credit Score" is a made up number designed to sell you stuff by the CRA's, so any credit search will look at your file. 


My advice move on, and join a different network.

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I did contact them straight away but they referred me to the email address for credit referral. Upon emailing them they sent an automated message saying it will be responded to in 3 business days. What a lie that was, appalling customer service from the credits team.


I get that deals are limited/expire but if this is the case they it shouldn't have let me go all the way through to check out.

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