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O2 Switch Up

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I am basically writing this because of how bad this o2 Switch up process is. I switched from the s23 Ultra to the s24 ultra. The s24 was a pre order so I had to keep my s23 Ultra for a few days. I then was sent a jiffy bag to send the s23 ultra to the recycle team. I received an email saying thinks for using Switch Up your device will now be refurbished for someone else to use. 2 months down the line I am still being charged for both s23 and s24 ultra and I have spoke to so many different teams and they keep telling me to go back into the store to get this fixed. I go to the store and they say they can't do anything to help me so call o2 again. I would definitely avoid using Switch Up at all costs. I think O2 has the WORST customer service on this planet. I still don't know what to do. They keep saying wait 3-5 working days for a refund. I've waited 20 days and still haven't had any refund and still getting charged for the 2 phones. Can anyone help me ?!?!


I also have an issue with my accessory that I bought. It was faulty so sent it back and they said I will get a new pair in the next 3-5 working days. It's now been 14 days and I am still paying for the earphones. O2 is a joke of a company. What do I do ? O2 in store can't help and neither can o2 over the phone. 



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No need to spam the forum with comments..


I have preorders for Switchup and never had to send my phone in, always done in store, and have only had one issue same as yours but it was fixed and have done 3 or 4 since then and no issues. 

You need to keep on with o2, details on how to complain are here 


I would try the Payment team on 0800 902 0217 first, because as soon as you submit a complaint no one in CS will be able to help you, and they have upto 8 weeks to resolve the issue.. 

There is no o2 support on this forum either.

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