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O2 Fair Deal

Contract finished. Looking to get HTC One on 24 mth contract 300 mins, unlimited text and 500MB data. O2 quote £27p/mth + £199.99 for phone. However U Switch website has same deal on an O2 contract for £27p/mth and free phone. Tried contacting O2 to see if under their O2 Fair Deal, they would match the deal from U Switch. Used web chat, they can't answer query, no one available from Upgrade team. No call back option for the team, strange given that I received a number of calls prior to contract ending. Disappointed to say the least that much heralded Fair Deal does not appear to work in practice.


Probably the best option is to move provider or just use U Switch.


Anybody else encountered a similar problem and how was it resolved, if at all?



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Re: O2 Fair Deal

It is quite common for you to get a better deal going via a third party it doesn't make sense to me but if that's the best deal go for it

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Re: O2 Fair Deal

fair deal is only for existing customers upgrading to ensure that direct with o2 all customers have access to the same deal. I.E. new customers do not get better deals than existing customers.

Through 3rd parties they discount there slice of the commission and try to sell their insurance etc.

Just go with the best deal you find.

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