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New phone never arrived!

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I am absolutely fuming at the moment.  I ordered a new Upgrade yesterday, which was in stock and sent out yesterday to arrive today.  I chose a time slot suitable and paid £3.99 for it to be delivered between mid-day and 5pm.  UK Mail sent a text this morning to say it would arrive at 5pm and each time I checked it said it was 'in progress'.  It has NOT arrived.  I called O2 Customer Services who then contacted UK Mail for me... she said they were most unhelpful and said they knew nothing about it and that it would more than likely be Monday that it arrives.  Why send me the text?!!  I have waited in and wasted a whole afternoon now, and will also have to stay home Monday too.  O2 said they will refund me the money as well as knock a tenner off my next bill but to be honest I would rather have had the phone TODAY.  Not a  happy bunny.

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Hi @Anonymous I'm sure you aren't happy.  If you wish to complain follow the info in this link

Edited to add if you check the forum there are many complaints about UK Mail. Not one of the best couriers around. Particularly on a Friday!

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Personally, I wouldn't trust UKMail to deliver a pizza, let alone an expensive phone!
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@MI5 wrote:
Personally, I wouldn't trust UKMail to deliver a pizza, let alone an expensive phone!

A bit harsh......maybe? No, I agree with that sentiment....

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Hi @Anonymous is there any update on this. Did your phone arrive over the weekend? 

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I sympathise with your wasted time and worry over the issue though. I had, on numerous occasions, had to take a few day off just to pick up the parcel because the parcel should have arrived (I have received confirmation text messages from UK Mail and one e-mail from O2) but it did not arrive. I had to make further calls to verify the arrival of my mobile phone. That was the first time that I have wasted a few days off my annual leave. 


When I've upgraded the second time, I was wiser and I have checked with O2 first with the order number and then called UK Mail on numerous occasions to confirm the estimated time of arrival. It was a hassle but I think it's better for me to obtain a confirmation before I take any day off work than to sit and wait, hoping that it will arrive, despite me receiving text messages from the courier company that it will arrive. It's the same with the company called Very. 


The bottomline is that you need to be absolutely sure about everything before you make plans. In my case, I don't want to waste time and annual leave as well.


Wishing you well!

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