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Network and number swap failure.

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  • Myself and my two sons recently got new phones. My sons wanted to swap from Three to o2. We bought the phones on the 21st of august and the network was up and running on the 23rd. On the same friday that the o2 network started up, I called o2 to do a number swap. We gave them the pac codes and got the texts through that this change would occur on the 27th of august. 
  • On the day of the change, my eldest got another text and later that day, his phone was all set up. My youngest did not receive this text. He finally lost my three network on the old phone on the 29th, with his three account becomming inaccessible on the 30th. However, there have been no new developments. 
  • He is now left with an old phone that has no network whatsoever, and a new phone that still uses the temporary o2 number and he can not text from it. I have repeatedly called o2 throughout the week and the best I could get was that "it looked like the change worked on their end" and that we should just wait, however this is starting to take too long.
  • I really need help now as not having a full working phone with his three number is starting to affect his job. 
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Re: Network and number swap failure.

O2 have had problems with porting and transferring numbers over the last week. Please call them this morning to see if the issues are fixed @Nigel_Pitt

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Re: Network and number swap failure.

@Nigel_Pitt please let us know how you get on with customer services and if you need any further assistance. 

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Re: Network and number swap failure.

I requested a number port into O2 on 2nd Sept at 16:00, I received a text message from O2 at 18:20 advising the port couldn’t be completed as my PAC was invalid.

Back to live chat yesterday morning to be advised the port request was still active and that my number would still transfer yesterday - it didn’t.

I rang O2 this morning and spoke to a very helpful lady. She confirmed all details of my port request were correct, I also advised I’d confirmed my PAC was definitely valid with the old network.

She then advised that O2 were suffering a known issue for porting in numbers, IT engineers were working hard on the issue but unfortunately confirmed there was no estimated time for the system to be up and running.

Fingers crossed as I have a new 25GB contract waiting for me and no data left on my old number.
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Re: Network and number swap failure.

I did say that there were system issues the last week or so. I hope they sort the problem out in the next couple of days